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It’s A New Day!

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We are very happy about this new album and hope you feel the love and enthusiasm for life in every song!


The change in our lives since our last album, Charita Songs, is hard to explain but we believe you will feel it in every song and post on ~My Heartsong Blog~.

For one, we have our studio set up now whereas for the CharitaSongs album we were staying with friends and most of our things were packed away so since we had so many requests Charlie felt compelled to work his magic (not actual magic-ha) and set something up so we could record and put something special together to share with you all. We are thankful for the responses and heartfelt feedback we received from that album! So he did well!

In upcoming posts we will share a little something about the heart behind each song in our newest album,It’s A New Day. We are excited about things to come and we’re grateful you are here to experience the journey with us! We have a few projects we are currently working on here in beautiful Florida. And yes, we are surrounded by sunshine and beaches,palm trees and colorful tropical foliage,love from our wonderful friends and family, our awesome fans, music sweet music and most of all God’s grace and mercy and beautiful hand of creation!