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New Years Eve, TN,Charita Blog,hopeful,Charlie & Rita Smith
Happy and hopeful about the new year ahead!

Yes! It’s finally 2019 and a Fresh Start! Let me begin with a big “Thank you” to everyone who touched our lives last year and for allowing us to somehow touch yours. You gave such support, offered kindness,love,patience,encouragement and some went above and beyond your “job description” I am sure to take care of us during a time of need. Although we have expressed it,I don’t think you fully realize how important your being a part of our lives really was. And so,our first 12+ posts will be ‘Cherished Moments Reflection of 2018’. So many made a difference in our lives- some brief,some longer than expected,but all made an impact and moved us forward to where we believe God wants us to be. May your heart be filled with many happinesses as we share our lives with you!!

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